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Photo Gallery: 2012 Shelli Calloway Memorial Invitational 2/18/2012
On Feb. 18, the Tigers hosted the Shelli Calloway Memorial Invitational for the 27th time and won their eighth straight title. The Tigers had a 194.100 team score in front of a crowd which included many alumni.
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  • 447 800 Tigers Alumni Lineup Tigers Alumni Lineup 206299298 Brendan Cavanaugh
    447 800 Towson gymnastics alumni Towson gymnastics alumni 206299297 Brendan Cavanaugh
    447 800 Calloway Invitational Champions Calloway Invitational Champions 206299159 Brendan Cavanaugh
    447 800 Becky Schaller with Avis Hixon Becky Schaller with Avis Hixon 206299375 Brendan Cavanaugh
    447 800 Dr.MaraveneLoeschkewithTigergumnasticsalumni Dr.MaraveneLoeschkewithTigergumnasticsalumni 206299295 Brendan Cavanaugh
    447 800 Lindsay Poplaski beam Invitational Lindsay Poplaski beam Invitational 206299296 Brendan Cavanaugh
    447 800 Kacy Catanzaro bars Invitational Kacy Catanzaro bars Invitational 206299162 Brendan Cavanaugh

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