The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program at Towson University is implemented with the purpose of supporting student development, enhancing the quality of the student-athlete experience within the university setting, and preparing student-athletes to face the challenges they will meet after graduation.

  The initiative is designed to:

  • Support the efforts of every student-athlete toward intellectual development and graduation;
  • Help student-athletes develop strategies to meet the challenges they will face in college and in life after graduation;
  • Promote respect for and an appreciation of diversity;
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships within the athletics and university communities;
  • Encourage the development of leadership skills;
  • Assist student-athletes in building positive self-esteem;
  • Enable student-athletes to make meaningful contributions to their communities; and
  • Promote ownership by the student-athletes of their academic, athletic, personal and social responsibilities.

The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program focuses on student-athlete development in four key areas:

Academic Development
The Department of Athletics is committed to graduating student-athletes at a rate equal to or higher than the University average within a four to six year period. Academic advising, academic support, and academic success programs are offered through the University and supplemented by the Department of Athletics. Learning strategies and skills are developed through programs that address learning styles, time management, organization, note and test taking skills, and other areas that promote academic success. Information is disseminated through meetings with athletic academic advisors and academic staff, group presentations, tutoring and peer mentoring.  Students with documented special needs are encouraged to register with the Office of Disability Support Services and take advantage of the helpful accommodations that they can provide.

Athletic Development
Student-athletes are encouraged to fully utilize the facilities, coaching staff, sports performance staff and support services that will assist them in reaching their full potential athletically. Life Skills programs also assist student-athletes to develop leadership skills such as team building, motivation, conflict resolution, and "slump busting". Communication, cooperation, discipline, perseverance, respect for the strengths and weaknesses of others, sportsmanship, fair play and integrity are transferable skills that are developed through sports participation that will benefit student-athletes for a lifetime. Some of the organizations who work with our student-athletes include:

  • Sports Vision Fundamentals Evaluation: Assesses visual skills and provides performance profiles of strengths and weaknesses in order to outline a personalized evaluation of the vision skills needed to perform at the optimum level.
  • PerformanceXtra: Trains participants to improve mental toughness and competitive skills as well as learn to achieve goals with character.
  • "The Program": Provides personalized leadership development training that challenges every member of the team to get the most from themselves and their teammates.
  • GORUCK Challenge: Develops leadership skills through academic study of military leadership as well as an intensive team building experiences that reinforce core values such as accountability, commitment, trust and honor.
  • StrengthQuest Training: Assists students in identifying their talents and behaviors that will enable them to become more effective in meeting the challenges they face and insight into the core reasons behind their successes.

Personal Development
Through a variety of educational programs throughout the year, student-athletes are given opportunities to identify their fundamental values, enhance communication skills, and develop decision-making skills that will enable them to manage their own personal health and well being. Our goal is to expose student-athletes to information and experiences that will broaden and enrich their collegiate experience, help them make good choices, and prepare them for life beyond. We challenge them to think for themselves and examine their beliefs and values in a safe environment. Alcohol use and abuse, the dangers of drugs and performance-enhancing supplements, risky behaviors, AIDS, date rape, proper nutrition and eating disorders, celebrating diversity, gambling, and depression are just a few of the topics covered in a variety of programs relating to student welfare that are made available to students. Some programs are required for student-athletes and their attendance is expected.

Career Development
We are committed to assisting student-athletes in the process of career development. Workshops and seminars are offered to assist student-athletes in choosing a major, resume writing, developing interviewing skills, business etiquette and exploring career paths.  Internship and job fairs are held at the University both semesters, and student-athletes are encouraged to attend. The Career Center, located at 7800 York Road, is available to assist students in identifying potential career paths, internships, and job possibilities. Alumni also stand willing to assist student-athletes in their job search and have returned to campus to conduct workshops, participate in networking sessions, inform student-athletes of internships and job openings, and share their experiences.

Fall programming will be listed soon.

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