The Towson University Speed, Strength, & Conditioning program is charged with the physical and mental conditioning of Tiger Student-Athletes through periodized programs.  



Adam Fletcher
Director of
Strength &

Jesse Judy
Director of
Olympic Sports
Speed, Strength &

Jeremy Pick
Director of Football
Speed, Strength &

Kilee Taflinger
Assistant Director
Speed, Strength &

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Sport Assignments:
Men's Basketball, Men's
Lacrosse, Men's &
Women's Golf

 Sport Assignments: Baseball,
Field hockey,
Softball, Swimming &
Diving, Track & Field

 Sport Assignments:
Football, Volleyball

 Sport Assignments:
Women's Lacrosse,
Women's Basketball, Women's
Soccer, Gymnastics

The philosophy behind the training of Tiger athletes is a basic one, developed and shared over many years of coaching application and evaluation, with simple principles.  Each athlete will establish specific goals & objectives for themselves.  A commitment to "training" as a high level or elite competitor will adhere to, and the overall program is defined by...

Goals & Objectives

 Long Term = Explosive Power
           * Functional Strength
           * Directional Speed
           * Transitional Agility

Short Term = Speed Endurance
           * Work Capacity
           * Recoverability
           * Stamina

Fulfilling the program goals & objectives is a product of the systematic, sequential and progressive use of the training methods emphasized within the program.  Training methods include weight training, plyometrics, sprint resistance, sprint assistance, movement specifics and speed endurance.

"Planning the Work" makes "Working the Plan" a more manageable and precise process.  With a well thought out plan based on clear and well defined goals & objectives for distinct periods of time, the working parts of the plan (sets, reps, intensity, exercises, sessions, weeks etc.) are more easily implemented and when need be, modified.

Each athlete is brought through a series of training periods that go throughout the year and change with each phase of the season. Training periods also coincide with the academic calendar and breaks of each term.  This "Periodization" of training allows for optimal dosages and  intensities of training to be planned for each individual while offering adequate amounts of rest, recuperation, training variety and proper workloads.

Towson University Speed, Strength & Conditioning Program makes use of a 5000 square foot, air-conditioned weight room equipped with:
* 10 Lifting Platforms
* 10 Power Racks
* A complete array of benches, machines & dumb belles
* A large mat room for calisthenics and core work routines

Five different conditioning areas provide a wide variety of options for speed, agility and conditioning work routines including:
* Indoor & Outdoor training opportunities
* Artificial & Natural grass surfaces 
* Multilane track
* Stadium steps
* Ramps & Downhill slopes

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