A View from the Sidelines - December Edition
Courtesy: Athletics Media Relations  
Release: 12/26/2012
1. What was the process for choosing the 2013 captains? There are four - a goalie, two midfielders and an attackman. Was that a conscious choice?     
SN: We select our captains after our fall ball season is over. We want to see which guys are ready to lead and allow them an opportunity to display their leadership ability during the fall practices and workouts. We also want our current team to have a say in who they want to follow into battle for the season. We asked for any player who wished to be considered a captain to write his name on our board in the locker room. Those individuals had the opportunity to communicate to the team "why" they feel that they would best serve the team as a captain. After the presentations, we had the players and coaches vote. We then tallied the votes and selected captains from there. There was no conscious decision to determine what positions where captains or by class.

2. What do you think each captain brings to the table?     
SN: Each of our captains brings a passion to lead his teammates to accomplish the mission of our 2013 team. Each of the four has a different level of experience within our program and has experienced different situations during his time at Towson.  This wealth of experience allows each of them to be great resources for each other and their teammates. Our captains know, believe in and hold themselves to the high standards that we set for Towson Lacrosse.

3. You welcomed The Program back again at the beginning of the month. Why did you repeat the Foundation session?     
SN: We felt that doing The Foundation exercises with The Program just before the winter break would help keep our young men focused and driven during the time away from campus. We did it a little differently than we had previously done in September, and we were able to achieve a lot more this time around from it. We are constantly looking to improve ourselves as a team, and we know that The Program challenges us every time we work with them to get that much better.

4. How do you handle winter break and training? Do the players get time off over the holidays or do they have a regimen they follow at home to stay in shape?     
SN: We do not believe in "time off" at Towson. There are days in which your body has to rest/recover from workouts, but we are always thinking about the team and what we can do to make us better. Having the time to be home and around family and friends is very special. Our guys embrace those great opportunities, but they also find the time to stay focused on our mission as a team. Each player leaves campus with a workout regimen that details each day they are away from campus what needs to be accomplished in order to keep the team's progress moving forward. The regimen covers conditioning, agility, speed, strength and nutrition during their time away from campus. Our young men have a strong work ethic and know that what they do now and over the winter break will make an impact come game day in the spring.

5. It can become repetitious to constantly practice and scrimmage against teammates or work out individually. How does your staff keep motivation up during winter practice?     
SN: Our motivation comes internally and externally from our players and staff. We have competitive young men in our program who want to succeed at a very high level and win championships. They challenge each other when they are together along with some encouragement from the coaching staff. When they are away from each other during the winter break, there is constant communication amongst the team to discuss how the workouts are going, what they had to eat or what presents they got over the holiday, when they are coming back to campus and what other activities they are doing to improve themselves while away from campus. This constant communication is imperative to our teams success and universal drive towards achieving our goals this spring.

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