Q&A With @Towson_FH's Coach Powell
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Release: 01/24/2013

TOWSON, Md. - New Tiger field hockey coach Carly Powell sat down with TowsonTigers.com to answer questions about her coaching style, what attracted her to the Towson job, what she looks for in recruits and more.

1. Describe your coaching style?
I'm all about details! From the very small details to the larger ones, details play a huge part in my coaching style. I require players to pay attention to details both technically and tactically as it affects their development as a field hockey player. It's my responsibility to get players to understand the importance of details and how it can affect not only their game, but also their everyday lives.

Speaking in technical terms, I like to break down skills into manageable parts and SHOW athletes rather than just TELL them how a skill should be performed. I also believe in student-athletes understanding of tactical aspects of the game, it is not enough to just go through the motions, but rather to know WHY you are doing what you are doing. This will allow for better decision making on the field. 

In addition, I encourage players to challenge themselves. Practicing a skill you are already proficient at will not help you better your game; you must continually work on the aspects of the game in which you are the weakest. Doing so allows for growth. Furthermore, I like to take the time to get to know every player on a team. This allows me to tailor some of my coaching to the individual.

2. What's it like to be in control of your own program? Are there nerves involved with taking the next step-up to a head coaching position?
It is extremely exciting! I've had a wonderful mentor and great coaching opportunities; it feels like a natural progression for me. I know exactly what I want to do with this program and have a plan on how to accomplish it. No nerves involved, just sheer enthusiasm!

3. What about this position intrigues you?
Towson presents an opportunity for program growth and development. I enjoy teaching the game of field hockey; there is nothing more motivating and gratifying than seeing a player evolve over time. I have the opportunity to see that happen at Towson and want players graduating having had a positive experience.

4. What type of recruits will you be looking for to help the Tigers?
In addition to athletes having exceptional skill, field vision, game awareness and athleticism, I am also looking for the intangibles: mental toughness, determination, pride, confidence, etc.

5. Have you set any goals yet for yourself/team?
I'm sure the team is experiencing some level of anxiety having just found out about their new coaching staff. At this point in time, I feel it is important for me to get to know each of the players individually as well observe their team dynamics. Once the team is comfortable with me and learn what I'm all about, we will work collaboratively to set goals for both on and off the field.

6. What do you know about the existing team?
This is a group of young women who are passionate about the sport they play and excited for the upcoming spring season. They are determined, enthusiastic, and motivated to build on the knowledge they already have and essentially move forward. 

7. How do you think your prior knowledge of the CAA help you in the first year?
Having both played and coached within the CAA, I certainly know the reputations of the schools within the conference. I have a good sense of the style of field hockey each school plays, and I'm familiar with many of the coaches. 

8. Now that you have accepted the position, what's your first priority?
I'd first like to thank the administrators and staff members that have assisted me in getting settled in this new position.  I look forward to meeting the players when I arrive on campus, communicating with our recruits, as well as our alumnae!

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