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Release: 07/10/2008

The philosophy of the Towson University Strength and Conditioning department places an emphasis on bridging the gap between training and competition. The athleticism of each student-athlete is continuously evaluated and programs are implemented to match every imposed demand, specific to the sport and position. In any forum of physical competition, the rate and magnitude of power development is only equaled in importance by energy system efficiency.

Successful athletes maximize the speed of movement from Point A to Point B while maintaining the ability to repeat that movement at a frequency required for success. Science dictates that the combination of explosive weight lifting, plyometric activity, and movement efficiency prevails throughout the development of such athletes. Each training session for every Tiger athlete incorporates these principles in a progressive overload, forcing the body into positive adaptation.


Additionally, repetition-based exercises are utilized to develop the muscle activation patterns and coordination associated with decreased injury potential, as well as increased muscle mass if desired. The yearly training program at Towson University not only emphasizes speed, strength, mobility and fitness, but also the proper nutrition and recovery habits necessary for optimal performance. Training togetheras a teamthroughout the year allows each athlete the opportunity to develop leadership skills while refining the competitive spirit and preparing the mentality of a champion.


The Towson University Tiger Training Hall is located on the first floor of the Towson Center and fully equipped to meet the demands of each athlete, no matter what the sport.


Over 20,000 pounds of weight, two full sets of dumbbells ranging from five to 150 pounds, 10 lifting platforms and 10 power racks provide each group of athletes with the opportunity to develop a foundation of strength with compound, multi-joint exercises. A full complement of Hammer Strength machines, along with reverse hyper, glutei/ham benches, polymeric boxes, and two sets of medicine balls round out the room.

Jesse Judy is the director of Olympic sports speed, strength and conditioning at Towson University, and Jeremy Pick joined the strength and conditioning department in 2009. Four coaches collaborate in training each of the 19 Tiger athletic programs.

“At Towson, we expect our athletes to train throughout the year, every year of their athletic career," said Judy. "Our philosophy places an emphasis on doing the little things well and working to get better at what we do. In most cases, more is not necessarily better, better is better, and that’s what we strive for in every session.”

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