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Release: 07/19/2011


AS mission statement

Towson University's Athletic Academic Support unit will provide advising, counseling, leadership, supervision, monitoring, tutoring, and other services to student-athletes within the framework of university, departmental, and athletics' regulations and resources.

Support will evolve through an articulated series of academic programs directed toward making the student-athletes increasingly independent as both persons and scholars.

The Athletics Academic Support unit will facilitate, coordinate, and expedite all matters academic within the department and university.  The support unit will maintain the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and loyalty at all times.

AS goals

The Towson University's Athletic Academic Support program is designed to enhance the experience of each student-athlete in the university setting.  The primary goals are as follows:

  • To support the efforts of every student-athlete who attends Towson University to earn a degree;
  • To provide assistance for the student-athlete in the development of values, emphasizing the qualities of leadership;
  • To enhance the interpersonal relationships and communication skills of each student-athlete;
  • To facilitate the fulfillment of career and life goals of each student-athlete;
  • To safeguard the academic integrity of Towson University by insuring compliance with all rules of the NCAA, conferences, and the University.

 AS support programs

Meetings with Assigned Sport Advisor
Individual meetings with student-athletes can assist with his/her organizational structure in which to operate as supervised study time.  The student will be taught an overall organizational structure that includes:

  • Note taking
  • Time management
  • Proactive planning
  • Learning strategies
  • Test taking skills
  • Personal responsibility

Study Hall
The study hall program is designed to enhance the academic skills of the freshman student-athlete to increase their chances of success in the classroom.  The study hall program, required of all freshman student-athletes and first semester transfers, consists of six hours per week in the first semester of enrollment.  Hours could increase or decrease per coaches and advisor's discretion.

Tutor Program
The tutorial program assists the student-athlete with their studies and is designed to provide academic support for Towson University student-athletes.  The goal of the tutorial program is to promote academic excellence, not merely to keep the student-athlete eligible.  The student-athlete may be assigned an individual tutor upon request, or the student-athlete may be required to attend group tutoring sessions per the academic advisor's discretion.  The tutorial coordinator completes all hiring, payroll, and dismissing of tutors.

Laptop Loan Program
If a team is traveling during season, there are a number of laptops available for checkout to take on trips for student-athletes.  The student-athlete must see the assigned advisor for paperwork and the process of release of laptops.  All teams must adhere to the laptop loan policies and procedures.

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