Student-athletes are challenged and encouraged to give back to communities and individuals who are in need. Towson Athletics recognizes the importance of engaging and reaching out to our community as well as instilling a culture of service in our student-athletes that lasts past their years at Towson. To that end, we have three community service goals:

  • Enable representatives of the Department of Athletics to serve as ambassadors of Towson University and its tradition of outreach and excellence on campus and in the community.
  • Enhance the positive relationship between the University and Community, as well as developing team bonding, and leadership skills.
  • Provide opportunities for student-athletes to "give back" and develop the foundation for a lifelong commitment of service and volunteerism.

Two Department-wide Community Service Programs sponsored by PAWS on an annual basis are:

The Pigskin Pass
The Pigskin Pass is a joint community initiative sponsored by the student-athletes at Towson and the University of Delaware in cooperation with the Special Olympics Organizations and State Police in Maryland and Delaware.  The objective is for "athletes to support athletes" by raising money for the Special Olympics Programs in both states.  The fundraising effort is given visibility by having student-athletes from both schools participate in Pigskin Pass Relay Run, transporting a commemorative "game ball" from the 50-yard line of the visiting school to the 50-yard line of the home school's stadium prior to the kick-off of their annual football game.  Student-athletes from each school run half of the 58-mile distance between the two schools on local streets.  The hand-off of the ball takes place at Festival Park in Aberdeen, Md., which is located at exactly the 29-mile mid-point, just off Route 40.  In the past five years over $100,000 has been raised for Special Olympics Programs in Maryland and Delaware by the athletes from Towson University and the University of Delaware. To learn more or to make a donation, click on the logo to the right.

The CAA Have A Heart Blood Drive
The CAA Blood Challenge was developed in 2002 by the CAA presidents as a fun way to emphasize the critical importance of donating blood. Each institution promotes the event on its own campus and encourages student groups, faculty, staff and alumni to participate and support their school.  The fall is a critical time to get a blood supply to blood banks, as the need seems to be the greatest around the holiday season.  Over 200 TU student-athletes either donate blood or work the Blood Drive each year. 

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