Q&A with Shanae Baker-Brice of Women's Basketball
Courtesy: Athletics Media Relations  
Release: 06/29/2013

TOWSON, Md. - One of the greatest players to wear the black and gold, Shanae Baker-Brice recently returned to the women's basketball program as its director of basketball operations. Baker-Brice sat down with TowsonTigers.com to catch up on things.

TowsonTigers.com: What does it mean to you to be back at Towson, where you had such a successful college career?
Shanae Baker-Brice: It's a chance to give back to the university that gave me the best opportunity of my life. Towson University gave me the best four years, a college athlete could have. I plan on sharing all my knowledge with the players.

TT: How do you think your professional and international experience will aid the current players on the team?
SBB: My pro international experience will aid the team tremedously. Bringing two years experience in two different countries, I will give back as much knowledge as possible.

TT: How did you get involved in playing overseas?
SBB: Erin Batth, a former Towson assistant coach who played in Greece and Turkey after completing her collegiate career. Also Julie Flanders, who played at George Mason before going abroad to play in Spain and Finland.

TT: What's the main difference between being a player and being on the staff?
SBB: The difference is in your mentality of being a player or being a coach. As a coach you must see the big picture as well as the minor issues to have a successful program. Playing both sides recently will help me relate to the players.

TT: What's your most memorable experience from being at Towson? Most memorable experience from playing overseas?
SBB: My most memorable experience from being at Towson was beating Maryland during the 2009-10 season. The most memorable experience from playing overseas was winning the championship game in Iceland and receiving the MVP award. I had 36 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists to be named MVP.

TT: Do you miss playing?
SBB: Yes

TT: How does your prior experience with Coach Reid Geckeler help with the transition at Towson?
SBB: Coach "G" is helping making the transition between here and Howard easy. She kept her philosophy pretty much the same.

TT: How do you think the Tiger Arena will aid the program?
SBB: It will bring a sense of pride for TU students and athletes and will provide a greater fan experience.


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