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The Towson baseball team pulled off a stunning Cinderella season in 2013. For many, it still feels like a dream. 

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Nothing compares to the satisfaction and excitement on the players’ faces at the last out in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) tournament, when the team charged the field to celebrate its championship. The memories of those victorious grins and white championship T-shirts will last a long time.

In spite of a roller-coaster year, these young men never lost their focus. Now they are the 2013 CAA champions. Perseverance and hard work paid off.

CAA Baseball Champs 2013











In the spring of 2013, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley allocated a matching gift challenge to support the Tigers. Towson baseball alumnus James Kittelberger’s family made an extraordinary statement by contributing $100,000 for the 2013-2014 season. With thanks to many other donors, we have reached our goal of $200,000 for Tiger baseball for the 2014-15 season.

The University has appointed an Athletics Solutions Committee to resolve the issues that led to the recent recommended cuts for baseball and men’s soccer. But donations are still critical to ensure the future of baseball at Towson.

Please rise to the challenge. Join the donors listed below who have demonstrated their support for Towson baseball.

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We offer deep and sincere thanks to those who have stepped up in support of our baseball program. We would like to express our appreciation to the following individuals and companies for their investment in our baseball student-athletes, and in Towson University as a whole.

In addition to the individuals and companies below, we thank Caves Valley Partners and the Collaborative group of Evergreen Advisors, Mackenzie Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC and Nevins and Associates Chartered for purchasing a suite at SECU Arena. All proceeds for the suites in SECU Arena are designated "unrestricted" in order to support all athletics programs across the board, including baseball.

$100,000 and above
The Kittelberger Family Foundation

$50,000- $99,999

Cynthia C. Dyer & Christopher W. Dyer

Cynthia C. Dyer & Christopher W. Dyer

Mary C. Acker & Carlos L. Acker
Debra L. Carey & John T. Carey
Charles Village Pub Towson c/o Melony Rene Wagner '97 & Eric D. Wagner '94
Gary T. Gill '74
Mecklenburg Roofing, Inc. c/o W. Myron Ray '92
Under Armour, Inc.

Joanne H. Beers '84 & Michael R. Beers '83
Peter F. Buck '00
Cynthia V. Butler & Matthew F. Butler
Mary B. Caddigan & Peter J. Caddigan
Catherine E. Collins & Thomas Collins
Laura F. Davies & Jeffrey W. Davies
Stephen M. Farling '95
Mary M. Gillespie '83 & Michael P. Gillespie '82
Jean C. Glose & J. Fred Glose
Mike A. Gottlieb '80
Scott A. Hargest '79
Mary S. Lawler & Thomas K. Lawler
Timothy G. Miles '87
Cheryl L. Pegues & Robert F. Pegues
Anthony B. Quaranta, Sr. '92
Terry Sharpe & Michael V. Sharpe '87

Michael A. Bankoski '70
James E. Gimblet & Jennifer A. Gimblet
Laura L. Hartman '67
Earl W. Killian
MacKenzie Golf Foundation, Inc. c/o Gary T. Gill '74
Kathleen McQuiggan '90
David J. Pivec
S. Maggie Reitz '79 '88 & Frederick D. Reitz
Andrew Michael Weltlinger '97
Nancy N. Winter & Jeffrey C. Winter
Cynthia J. Yeager '84, '93 & Brett Yeager
Yetter Insurance Services, Inc., c/o Robert E. Yetter Jr. '87

Gifts up to $499
Betty Lou Andrade '86 & Hector M. Andrade '85
Lori B. Armstrong
Ryan P. Avila '07
J. Tracey Axelberd '63
Edward H. Beers '66
Rayanne T. Beers '80
Eileen M. Bennett '88
Todd R. Birdsall '04
B. F. Booher '70
Kevin Botsford '72
Melanie M. Brady '02 & Matthew R. Brady '01
Anne M. Buck & Robert F. Buck
William R. Burroughs, Jr. '65
Elizabeth A. Carbone & Richard Carbone
Patricia A. Clarke & Noel Clarke
Kevin T. Collins '10
Kaitlin M. Coolahan
Roger B. Copinger, Jr. '52
crussrealestate LLC, c/o Christopher J. Russ '08
Steven James Del Giudice '89
Joan Lee Don & Dale Don
Robert A. Dubansky
Cynthia K. Dupski & Louis J. Dupski
Maura E. Dyer
Charles J. Eckels, Jr.
Elizabeth B. Eubank '76
Elizabeth M. Eubank '07
Elbert C. Evans, Jr. '71
Diane Faulkner
John F. Favazza, Jr. '91
Jason J. Ferreira '98
Lisa S. Fisher & Charles W. Fisher Jr.
Zachary F. Fisher '12
Aaron M. Gabrielian '09
P. Michael Gahagan '70
James E. Gangawere '72
James W. Garland '70 & Debra Garland
Ellen Marie Goudy '95
Stewart W. Graf '82
Ashley M. Griswold & Paul Griswold
Groupp Landscape, c/o Harry Groupp '91
James M. Hairfield, Jr. '90
Joshua S. B. Heller '12
Karen C. Hogan & James F. Hogan, Jr.
Charles M. Holub
G. William Hunter
Kevin Craig Hunter '88
Kimberly L. Jessup & Michael H. Jessup, Jr. '86
Beverly Johnson
Thomas B. Judd '95
Crystal R. Kaczmarczyk
George A. Kimmett, Jr. '51
Jason M. King
Ryan E. King-White
Reginald D. Lewis
Ellen M. Libao '06 & Irvin V. Libao '98
Maravene S. Loeschke '69 '71 & C. Richard Gillespie
John V. Lowe '51
Keith Andrew MacFarlane '03, '10
William J. Maczis, Jr. '57
Brian M. Marden '82
Carol A. Martinez & Felix A. Martinez
Jack R. McDonough '78
Joseph A. McGowan '78 in memory of Robert "Bobo" Pedlow '78
Michael F. Mierzwinski '77
Gregory T. Mooney '89
James R. Mudgett
Kenneth E. Mueller '68
Thomas R. Mueller '94
Roger George Myers '87
John E. Nall & Marilyn L. Nall
Tonya M. Natoli
Dolores M. Nein '93
Andrew J. Newfield '11
Karen M. Parker & Brian K. Parker
Robert "Bobo" Pedlow '78 *
Mauro F. Pasquini '75
Mary Ellen Perry & Stephen C. Perry
Petrous Capital, LLC, c/o Joseph Robert Steneman '87
Patricia A. Pritchard
Charles W. Pugh '03
Arlene Radom & Mark H. Radom '70
Sherman Reed, Sr. '83
Thomas D. Reese, Jr. '77
Linda A. Reuling '72 & William J. Reuling '64
Jean M. Rhoades & James C. Rhoades
Steven A. Rice '11
Guy S. Robertson
Kevin G. Scally '86
Bruce D. Scoggins '74
Jeffrey W. Shaney '95
Joseph W. Shiner '88
Christopher S. Sinclair '92
Leonard S. Sullivan, Jr. '80
William E. Tarr, Jr. '75
Emmanuel Topal '75
James John Vallillo '96
Matthew K. Torre '00
Richard E. Vatz
Ruth Volpe
Tyler J. Waldman '10
Brian J. Walsh '91
Alice D. Wierzbowski & Walter J. Wierzbowski
Bernadette Yu
Glenn D. Zimmerman, Jr. '58
Dan Zuppardo


Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of this listing, and we would appreciate your sharing with us any errors or omissions.  Please direct inquiries to Sarah Smith, assistant director of advancement services, at 1-866-301-3375 or

Thank you.



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